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   From Ronchimata, commenting on “The Manny Pacquiao Scandal:”

Manny can’t be a singer, an actor or a politician. But you know what, no matter what you do, you can’t be a good writer. You contradict your self too much.

   I just wanted to share that comment with you to frame today’s experiment.  The topic is: I’m not a (good) writer. 

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   “Writer,” to me, is an overused term.  To be a “writer,” to me, has always been putting yourself in the same league as a Sinclair Lewis, an Ernest Hemingway, a Franz Kafka.  To be called a “writer” is to have your legacy cemented in the history books.  But to call yourself a “writer” is an act not only of overconfidence, but the height of arrogance.  This is the very reason why I’m extremely hesitant to call myself a “writer,” even if others call me one.

   It has become very important for me to frame myself, to put my own view of myself into the proper perspective.  If I write poems (which I don’t), that doesn’t give me the right to call myself a “poet” and put myself in the same league as Shakespeare.  If I sing (which I rarely do), that doesn’t give me the right to call myself a “singer” and put myself in the same league as Elvis.

   Which is why I’m not a writer: I’m a blogger.

   No writer that I know of has ever had the temerity or the audacity to call himself one in his lifetime.  You can’t be a writer “just because.”  After all, nowadays you can teach a guy some basic functions of Microsoft Word and make a “writer” out of him.  You can tutor a girl on the matter of measure and rhyme and make a “poet” out of her.  I find this to be the general problem of everybody who claims to be a “writer:” defining the situation.

   Many of my friends question why I blog frequently: after all, I’m not getting any money out of it.  Besides, blogging is the most boring thing one can do in a computer shop: it lacks the excitement of computer games, the fun of chatting, and the joy of watching YouTube videos or answering Friendster surveys.  Simple: because I’m a blogger.  I could care less for how many comments I get or how much money I make out of it.  I care more for what I can share to people whether they agree or disagree with it.  That’s my motivation.  That’s all there is: my moment of glory may come tomorrow, next year, or not at all.

   So I can’t be a good writer.  Big whoop: I never claimed to be one anyway.  I know my place.  I know where I am.  I could care less if I’m a good writer or a bad one, a good blogger or a bad one.  I don’t care what history judges me to be at the end of the day.  What’s important is the here-and-now: I’m more than satisfied if people call me a “writer” or a “blogger,” irrespective of the adjective that precedes it.

   And that’s why I’m a blogger.

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