Blog Event Quotients, Sleepers, and Maro-Myths

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   Today – OK, awhile ago – 150 or so bloggers from the Philippines trooped to TriNoma Mall in Quezon City to literally “pig out” at the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour.  As I’m told (and man, did I miss it), bloggers ate out – for free – at participating establishments at TriNoma.


   Yet again, an offline blogging event I missed.  I missed out on such important offline events as Bloggers’ Kapihan and iBlog3: all because I live far away from Metro Manila.  Of course, organizing an offline blog event here in Baguio City is out of the question (unless some corporate sponsor will do so).  Besides, I’m a terrible events organizer.

   Having a blog event quotient (BEQ) of zero, I think I can partly explain why The Marocharim Experiment is a “sleeper blog:” that is to say that while many people know that I exist, people really don’t have an idea of who I am.  The only notable exception in the Philippine blogosphere is Shari Cruz, who went to the same school I did, and says she sort of “stalked” my blog before.  The thing is, as much as we both know each other at face value, we never talked personally.

   It’s not that I’m “controversial” or anything, but I have heard what I call “Maro-Myths,” like:

  • I’m a sociopathic fat guy with big thick glasses and bad acne;
  • I’m an emo type who slashes his own wrists, and my personal favorite;
  • I am a paraphilic gay dude (which probably explains the sexual metaphors pertaining to anuses and fecal matter).

   One of my New Year blogging resolutions is to attend at least one offline blog event.  Oh sure, like they work.

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    Gluttony. I swear, after the first 10 restaurants we visited, the mere sight of food had all of us wanting to hurl expletives everywhere.

    And hey, I didn’t “sort of ‘stalked'” your blog. I stalk it, period.

    PS: I hear there’s an upcoming event up north. Soonish. It’s supposed to be a hush-hush for now until the meet-up gets a go. Bah, humbag! 😉

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