Manny Pacquiao: The Next John Lloyd Cruz?

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   In Portrait of Delusional Celebrities (22 December 2007), I wrote about MyHeritage and how people who use face-recognition technology in the Internet – and take it seriously – are “deluded.”  But “delusion” is not something confined to ordinary people: even celebrities suffer from their own intervals in lucidity.

   I was watching “Entertainment Live” this afternoon: and no, I don’t have a metering box installed on my TV and nobody paid me to watch it.  It’s an interesting week for Filipino showbiz: GMA-7 filing a civil case against ABS-CBN, Jennylyn Mercado pregnant with Patrick Garcia’s baby, and Jon Avila’s forced eviction from the Big Brother House.  These are all rather “important” happenings in showbiz this week: important things that have an extremely significant impact on life on Earth.

   But none more important than this: is Manny Pacquiao the next (gasp) John Lloyd Cruz?

   I’m sure that “Anak ng Kumander,” Manny’s first feature film, is a critical showcase of Manny’s (cough) acting talents.  Now that we hear less and less of Ronnie Ricketts or Monsour del Rosario, we have lost our local equivalents to Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  It’s not like Manny has become the local equivalent of Sylvester Stallone, much less Dolph Lundgren.  Manny’s acting talent, based solely on a trailer for “Anak ng Kumander,” is reminiscent of the local boxers beat up by Vic Sotto in “Rocky Plus 5:” the only difference being that Manny is a world-class boxer.

   But when I saw those photo shoots of Manny with Ara, I felt the urge to vomit.  Needless to say, I lost all respect for Pacman.  Sure, you can pass off Ara as a fattened-up version of Bea Alonzo, but there is no way in hell you can pass off Manny as John Lloyd Cruz.

   I’m sure that Manny feels a bit of embarrasment – if not outright shame – in being compared to John Lloyd (what’s with the “Lloydie” moniker, I do not know).  Playing on Manny’s popularity (or notoriety) is one thing, but do we really need a comparison between two completely different elements?

   OK, one thing they both have in common is they aren’t good singers.

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