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   Lisa of I-Baguio wrote today about the bum rap Baguio restaurants are getting because of bad service.  Lisa writes:

Personally, I may forgive lousy food but never, ever, bad service. Slow service, maybe, if they’re full, or if understaffed (that sometimes happens). But lousy service? There’s just no excuse for that.

   Because the general idea of being served is enough to trigger my paranoia, I stay well away from restaurants and go to hole-in-the-wall self-service places where taxi drivers eat.  In these eateries, service is almost instantaneous: the owners don’t fool you with ambience and gratuitous descriptions of food that take your mind away from prices.  You basically take a peek at the pots, look at the most appealing slop available, take it, pay, eat, and go.  It doesn’t hold the pretense of a school canteen, but it does remind you of prisons and of feeding troughs in piggeries.

   I wouldn’t recommend my short list of eateries to moneyed tourists, however.  The least I want is to lead some unsuspecting tourist to an emergency room convulsing with cholera or something.  Besides, these aren’t places that serve half-dish and half-garnish: no lemon wedges, no parsley, no sprinkles of cilantro.  No sandwiches, no cordon bleu: all meals are served with rice that taste like the sack they came in.

   Of course, Lisa’s palate is more sophisticated and recommends restaurants that enhance the Baguio experience.  Check out her site at GoBaguio for the finest Baguio has to offer.  But if you happen to be around and would like to “pig out,” come by and, after a release agreement and an appointment with your gastroenterologist, I can show you places to eat dog meat and dried beef sides infested with maggots.

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    • Lisa
    • January 5, 2008

    hahaha. my palate is sophisticated for dried beef sides infested with maggots — those that are kept underground in urns for months.

    tourists tend to patronize familiar places like those they have back home — McDonalds, KFC for Americans or Gerry’s and Teriyaki Boy for Manila folk. we do have to support those native to Baguio like Cafe by the Ruins or Bliss Cafe — those who pay rent, pay their staff well, prepare sanitary food, spend on ambience, train their people well, who serve entrees like no other. if the good ones fail, Baguio tourism will be lost — and only Korean restaurants will remain standing.

    ‘twould be wonderful if you published your short list of eateries (fear factor baguio), with the proper disclaimers of course!


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