Proof By Exhaustion

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   Sometimes I can’t blame people for going great lengths to prove that they love somebody.  I’ve seen boys dangle under tall bridges to write something like “Jhun Loves Baby Girl.”  I’ve seen girls at airport terminals cry their hearts out because their loved ones are leaving on a jetplane, not knowing when they’ll be back again.  I’ve seen old people renew their marriage vows from decades ago while on wheelchairs.

   And then there are the Europeans.  Inspired by a song by The Proclaimers, some would walk 500 miles from and to any given point in Continental Europe to prove love.  At CNN’s iParty, I was reading text messages sent to CNN proposing marriage on global TV.  What’s so cool about it is that they all said “Yes.”

   Then I get reminded of the movies.  My favorite part of “Walk the Line” is when Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) proposed to June Carter (Reese Witherspoon) right in the middle of “Jackson.”  And oh yeah, there’s “Casablanca:” of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Ingrid Bergman walks into Humphrey Bogart’s.

   I sometimes ask myself: don’t people ever get tired of proving something that’s already true to begin with?  Sure, a sadistic Math teacher would have no problems making you prove axioms with axioms.  Maybe it’s the postmodernist impasse: there is not “truth,” but many “truths.”  Maybe différance holds true with love: one’s love is true, and at the same time, it’s also not true.

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