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   My good friend Thea posted a comment in my Friendster account asking if I was the one she saw at Nevada Square.  I also happened to see Abel, and perhaps the whole of UP Baguio’s Debate Society and some members of the University Student Council.  It sort of begs the question: what in the heck was I doing at Nevada Square?

   Anyone who has been in Baguio lately would know that Nevada is the destination for drunken debauchery.  While I am known for consuming copious amounts of alcohol, I don’t do my drinking in nightclubs.  “House music” strikes me as porno music, and I don’t take too lightly to glowing balls (so to speak).  Besides, I’d rather sit down with drunken men in a sari-sari store than to squeeze myself (so to speak) at La Cuna.

   My good friend Ian also sort of “caught” me there, and asked if I was a regular there.  A regular?  Do I go to the University of Nevada earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Alcohology?  Nope: for one, I find their prices atrocious, and the blue-ness of Bedroom is nauseating.  Looking at scantily-clad clubbers also gets stale after the first few minutes of discreet ogling.

   I’d rather sit down on an easy chair nursing a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, doing my Al Pacino impersonations.

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    • ewik
    • January 2, 2008

    sorry marx. but i have this weird imagination of you dancing ever after in fridays…hahaha. can’t help but to laugh.

    ano nga kasi ginagawa mo duon?

  1. Reply


    Me and my friends went to Bedroom. Which is enough humiliation than I can stand. Hehe.

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