The 2007 TMX Year-End Report

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   As much as it applies to every damned year, 2007 has been an amazing year.  There are highs (so to speak), lows, and everything in between that made this year awesome.  And in TMX, it has been a fine year for blogging.

   The biggest news for Marochaholics this year was the launch of after three years of blog-hosting services at BlogDrive, everything became brand-spanking new a few weeks ago.  TMX loaded a heck of a lot faster and to some, looked a hell of a lot better.  Another big news was the online launch of Deus Ex Cybernetica: The Best of The Marocharim Experiment, which is an online e-book of the best of the first 1,000 entries of TMX.  Previously, it was only available through e-mail distribution.  Now that I have a lot more space to fiddle with, I will be making it – along with all other Marocharim e-books – available for download right here.

   It was also this year that I won my first blog-related award in’s Wika2007 Blog Writing Contest, where my entry “Pista ng Wikang Filipino/The Spectacle of the Filipino Language” won the Participants’ Choice Award (arguably my most famous entry to date).  The award, to me, is more than just a ticket to a free domain: to be recognized by top bloggers in the Philippines to be more than worth this award is something I will try very hard to live up to in 2008 and beyond.

   This year was marked by three volumes of TMX: Vol. 5, Vol. 6, and Vol. 7, spanning 362 entries in Original TMX, and 48 entries here in (not including this one).  Yup, this year, I wrote 410 articles: statistically, an average of 1.12 entries a day.  On par with a professional blogger or a journalist working for a local newspaper.  And I have no one else to thank but my readers, who continue to read my blog and have sort of made a nightly routine out of it.  Thank you very much, guys.

   It was also this year that I have come to the attention of many notable bloggers, particularly Mr. Manuel Quezon III, who has quoted and referred to my blog on more than a few ocassions.  Internationally, my entry on Joma Sison’s September arrest in the Netherlands drew the attention of global neoconservatives, in particular The Belmont Club, Karlo Mongaya, and not to mention a few Joma supporters and sympathizers.  A brief debate between me and Teo Marasigan of Kapirasong Kritika on the matter of blogging.

   Overall, TMX has done good: way good.  Here’s to 2008, and many more Experiments to come.

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