2007… In Bullet Points

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   I’m particularly lazy tonight, so I’ll sum up my year in convenient bullet points:

  • Marocharim.com was launched in December 2007, which means that at least for one year, I’m off free blogging services and I have the privilege of having my own website.  This is all thanks to PinoyBlogosphere.com and Wika2007, where I won the Participants’ Choice Award.
  • My thesis, “The Articulation of the Self in Virtual Environments,” was finished in eight months and ended up as a 366-page tome.  Needless to say, I am very proud of it: the feeling that I have made a new theoretical framework has sunk in, and then there’s the feeling that I made an ass out of myself in that thesis.
  • After 11 years in campus journalism, I finally called it quits: after all, I’m a bastard journalist.  I am now thinking about moving into things that really interest me: comic books and graphic novels.
  • I promised myself a girlfriend as a New Year’s resolution.  As the year ends, I still don’t have one.  That’s unless some fluke romance happens within the next 28 hours.
  • I’ve learned a lot this year and I hope to learn even more about life in 2008.

   Here’s to the convenience of bullet points, and a Happy New Year to all of you!

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