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   I think that if I work hard enough, I’d probably be in Wikipedia.  It’s a pipe dream.  Nope, I’m not talking about editing Wikipedia: I’m talking about my own Wikipedia page.

   Allow me to indulge in ego boosting… after all, this is Wikipedia at work.

   Consider this sarcastic.

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Marocharim (born Marck Ronald Rimorin, July 4, 1985) is a blogger and a writer who has significantly contributed to the development of Filipino online literature.

The Marocharim Experiment, 2004-present

Marocharim’s blog, The Marocharim Experiment (referred to as TMX on many occasions), is often argued to be the quintessental example of the development of Filipiñana in the global blogging community.

Writing style 

Marocharim primarily writes in English: while he insists that he writes in plain English, critics often vilify Marocharim’s writing style as “verbal taekwondo,” which causes “nosebleed” (an instance of confusion, which he calls an “epiphany”).

He consistently writes in long compound sentences, a style that has long since developed as a trademark.  On some occasions, Marocharim writes in Filipino: while he openly admits that it his not his primary language for writing, his entry “Pista ng Wikang Filipino” won acclaim in the Philippine blogosphere.

Marocharim calls his blog entries “experiments:” in the foreword to TMX II, he insists that he is a “mad scientist.”  He sees writing as a science that involves initial assumptions – the hypothesis – about ordinary life, which is subsequently tested through writing, and only then can conclusions be drawn.


Characteristic of Marocharim’s writing style is the refusal to stay on topic: he claims that topics only serve to constrain both author and reader to understand implications.  Marocharim has a unique penchant to take an inane topic and transform it into something important.

Marocharim is known for his “tasteless,” “morally-bankrupt” metaphors that often involve analogies to anuses, fecal matter, hemorrhoids and herpes.  Marocharim insists that he is not paraphilic, and uses the analogies to challenge conventional notions of morality and good writing.

TMX is often understood to be a “political commentary” website, and is often referred to as a source of political opinions.  While often called a “Leftist,” Marocharim’s line of political thought is influenced very much by Niccolo Machiavelli, Baruch Spinoza, Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, John Rawls, and French postmodernism.

Marocharim is also a “literary sadist” in poking fun at rich people, politicians, metrosexuals, the leisure class, and many others.  However, he insists that this is not “satire,” but is actually sarcasm.

Marocharim is also a personal blogger who writes about his life, particularly his “Quixotic” romantic exploits in a series he calls “romantic experiments.”

Praise and criticism

Marocharim’s writing style is a point of contention among many literary critics, in that his writing style has often been compared to that of the French thinker Roland Barthes, the Filipino columnist Jessica Zafra, and Filipino showbiz reporter Lolit Solis.  Still some claim that Marocharim’s style deserves a special place and distinction in Filipino literature, and some believe that Marocharim is a deduction to Filipino literature.

The “myth” that is Marocharim has led to many assumptions about his true identity, if only because he is open in saying that he is paranoid schizophrenic.  He is often accused of having homicidal tendencies and is bent on world domination.  He is also often thought of to subscribe to Satanism, which is completely false.  However, Marocharim is honest in saying that he is homophobic, is very sexist, and is very gender-insensitive.

However, readers say that Marocharim represents the repressed identity in every person, and is the future of Philippine literature.  His antagonism and subjectivity is, to many, a tableau of what people try to hide in presenting themselves.  Marocharim breaks stereotypical notions by engaging in the sterotype itself.

Important works
  • Deus Ex Cybernetica: The Best of TMX
  • TMX anthology, volumes 1 to 7
  • The Marocharim Diaries (forthcoming)
  • Revolutionary or Serial Killer: The Marocharim Story (forthcoming)
  • Garrote: El govierno supremo de las Filipinas bajo nuevo Guardia Civil (graphic novel, forthcoming)

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