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   I’m not counting on being sober enough to blog tomorrow: today is Pasiklaban at UP Baguio, and I have a Christmas party to attend, so I’m planning on getting drunk tonight.  It’s been a while since my last good drink: the last drink I had was a can of San Miguel a couple of days ago.  I’m missing out on the joys of hangovers.

   Really, I’ve missed out on a lot of fun this year: while writing my thesis was fun and all, I think I need to have a bit of the fun that there is in the bottom of a liquor bottle.  I deserve it: a lot of good has come my way for the past few days that I don’t think a blog entry, much less the copious flow of liquor, would jinx my good fortune.  For everything wrong that happened this year, there was always something right that happened.

   Nope, my fortunes do not come from fortune cookies enveloping dubious passages from the Confucian Analects.  I subscribe to Jean-Paul Sartre’s radical existentialism: my life is what I make of it.  I wouldn’t have the life I live and lead right now any other way, because I’m finding happiness in places I’d never thought I’d be happy from, and happy for.  Wiping off the sick smile on my face would require surgery.

   Yup, fortune smiles on Marocharim, who’s gonna get wild and drunk tonight, baby!

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