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   Part of the “online folklore” of Original TMX were the “typing monkeys.”  There was this old Hanna-Barbera cartoon where monkeys in front of typewriters were writing the greatest novel in the world, and were paid their wages in bananas.  The “typing monkeys” were just like that: I didn’t write my own entries.  Instead, I operated a sweatshop for lesser simians who wrote entries for me.  Thankfully, nobody bought into that idea.

   The idea of “writing about everything” is somewhat ambitious, but I’m on my way on pulling that off after three years of blogging.  I wonder if I’d meet my match in writing about tampons, but if I’m known for anything, I’m capable of it.  “Everything and nothing” has always been my bread-and-butter as a blogger.  The idea behind the “typing monkeys” is that if you put a thousand intelligent monkeys inside a room, you’d basically end up with the meaning of life.

   I don’t really know – or care for – my place in the Philippine blogosphere.  While I’m known to be a social commentator or an online political pundit, I also write about showbiz, sports, and all too often, inane non-topics.  I think that the reason why I lasted so long in the blogosphere is because of my willingness – perhaps even my gullibility – to write about anything and everything that can be committed to a paragraph.

   Why should we limit ourselves?  As long as there are things happening, I’ll keep those monkeys tied to their keyboards and delay their banana wages.  Go ahead, sue me for animal cruelty.

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