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   Keeping abreast of the latest celebrity news is one of those things that keep The Marocharim Experiment going.  Last night at “Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2,” Baron Geisler got drunk: apparently, the presence of alcohol at the Big Brother House was too much for Baron – a recovering alcoholic – to bear.

   I don’t know why the producers of PBBCE2 set up a place to drink.  Maybe the creative team had this brain-dead idea: “Hey, why don’t we put up a bar, and let’s see how the Housemates get drunk and get wasted.”  It’s funny at first, but eventually you have to take a long, hard look at Baron and admit to yourself: “Hey, this guy needs help.  What’s he doing in a reality show?”

   Step One of Alcoholics Anonymous sounds simple, but it’s far more complicated: admit you have a problem, that alcohol is ruling your life.  Understand that, and you’ll understand a bit more about the whole philosophy of AA, which is “One day at a time.”  It doesn’t matter if Baron was sober for two months or two centuries: once alcohol got a grip of you, it won’t let go.  There’s no such thing as a “cure” for alcoholism.

   I can’t help but have my heart go out to Baron: here’s a guy who is consumed by his excesses and addictions.  Here’s a guy who almost gave up a phone call to his mom for a measly pack of cigarettes.  But the alcoholism is something that hits hard: I had my own problems holding down my liquor before.  You can’t help but think why a reality show masquerading as a halfway house would have a 24-hour camera showing you how low people go whenever they get drunk.  I can understand an athlete like Gaby de la Merced, but Baron is (and I can’t emphasize this enough) a recovering alcoholic.  There’s just no way you can pass this off as a mere “challenge.”

   But that’s just it: another ploy at ratings.  I don’t know what’s going on in Donnie Geisler’s mind right now, much less their mother.  It’s hard to look at that drunken episode without understanding the effects of alcohol.

   I say it’s high time Baron was evicted from the Big Brother house.

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